Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Down Websites 101: Common Questions You May Want To Know

Jon Sanchez

You head over to a website you visit often to do some shopping, check the news, or even pay a bill, and you get that trademark error screen. This kind of stuff happens to the average internet user on a regular basis, and a lot of people will not pay a whole lot of attention. However, if you have a curious mind when it comes to internet-related things, you probably have some questions about this kind of experience that can happen on a regular basis. Here is a look at some of those questions and the answers to cure your curiosity. 

What causes websites to go down?

There are actually several reasons why a website can go down, and most of them are pretty logical. Sometimes, a website will be temporarily taken down by the owner to make changes or repairs. Other times, problems with the web server can be an issue. For instance, if a site is getting too much traffic for the web server to handle, the site can crash. A few other causes for website outages include: 

  • virus or hacker attacks 
  • website code errors 
  • plugin and extension errors 
  • website domain errors 

It is not always easy to find out why a website is down, and in many cases, the websites will be back up and running fairly quickly. 

Is there a way to find out if a website is down or if it is your internet?

There is actually a really easy way to find out if a website is actually down or if there is something wonky happening with either your internet connection or your computer. Website outage checkers and website status checkers are created by a lot of different businesses and hosted on the internet for consumers like you who have concerns. These outage checkers will grant you valuable information about specific sites, such as: 

  • How many people have reported a website down in the days or hours prior to your visit 
  • What the suspected reason is for a website to be down if any information is available
  • How frequently a website has been down over the course of a longer span of time 

In addition, you may see places on the outage checker sites where you can offer firsthand information about the experience or problem you have had with accessing the site. All of this can be really valuable to know if you have something you need to do on a particular site. 

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