Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

What Options Are Involved With Cremation?

Jon Sanchez

Cremating the remains of friends and family members has become a common interment option among Americans. Traditional burials can be relatively complicated since the body must be preserved and space is required to serve as a final resting place. These complications have also made traditional burials more expensive.

One of the advantages of cremating a loved one's remains is that this allows you to explore different options with regards to the ceremony. You can ask about the variety of options offered so you know how to approach the cremation of your loved ones.

Service Options

The service that is held to bid farewell to the deceased is an important step that can't be overlooked. Different people have different ideas of what this final service should be like. When someone is being cremated, some of the options of the service you can opt for include:

  1. There is a service where the body can be viewed first before the cremation is performed.

  2. There is a service without a viewing with the cremation happening later on.

  3. The cremation is performed and a memorial service is held before the ashes are interred.

Cremation memorial services can be held in the funeral home where the body is cremated or at another location where the service is professionally done. Reach out to a company such as the Crematory of Forsyth to learn more.

Final Resting Place Options

The ashes of a cremated person are much lighter than the actual person. This allows you to choose from a wider range of final resting places. Some of the final resting places that you can choose from include:

  1. Scatter the ashes on land or at sea. You can even have the ashes scattered from the air.

  2. Bury the ashes in a cemetery. Since you'll need a smaller piece of land, this will cost you less than a standard burial.

  3. Keep the ashes in an urn which you can store in your house.

  4. Find a columbarium that might be available in a nearby cemetery, which gives you a specific spot to visit the remains.

  5. Make the remains part of a monument that's dedicated to the deceased.

Direct vs Traditional

There are two approaches to cremating a loved one that you can also choose from: traditional and direct. For the direct option, no memorial service is held and there's also no funeral. The remains are simply cremated and returned. This approach is quite economical; however, it may not offer people the closure they need. This is why many people still prefer the traditional approach that comes with some sort of service.


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