Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

3 Things to Know About Moving to Qatar for Work

Jon Sanchez

Working in a foreign country can be a great adventure, especially if you are a North American employee traveling to one of the Gulf states in the Middle East. Qatar is a popular destination for skilled workers.

The culture and climate can differ significantly from what you are used to, so you need to take the time to be prepared for some of the changes you will face when moving to Qatar for an employment opportunity.

1. Employment Opportunities Are Competitive

If you are hoping to find employment after you move to Qatar, you may be in for a rude awakening. There are many skilled and educated workers residing in the Middle East. This makes competition for available positions fierce. Ensure that you have a valid employment contract with a reputable employer before you make your move.

The contract should stipulate your yearly salary, any housing or travel allowances the company is willing to pay for, and any additional expenses that you will be reimbursed for during your stay. You should note that salaries in the Middle East are not taxed, so the yearly salary quoted in your employment contract will be your actual take-home pay.

2. The Cost of Renting Real Estate Is Higher

You should be prepared to pay more for the basic necessities when relocating to Qatar for work. The cost of living in Qatar is roughly 15% lower than it is in the United States, but the cost of renting a residential property is nearly 23% higher in Qatar.

Be sure that you factor in the additional rental costs you will face to determine the lowest salary you can accept as an employee of a company in Qatar. This information will allow you to negotiate more effectively with potential employers as you prepare for your move.

3. Cultural Differences Abound

Part of the intrigue associated with living and working in another country is immersing oneself in the culture. The cultural differences between the United States and the Middle East are numerous. Middle Eastern people value modesty, and wearing revealing clothing is frowned upon.

You may also have a difficult time finding items like alcohol and pork, since these products are prohibited by the dominant religion in the region. Be prepared to make some adjustments to your public lifestyle so that you will not offend any of your new neighbors after you have settled in Qatar for an employment opportunity.

If this interests you, start looking into things like jobs in Qatar today.


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