Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Three Issues Your Copier Might Experience

Jon Sanchez

When your business is needing to produce a physical copy of a document, a commercial quality copier can be an indispensable tool. However, these tools can be prone to suffering performance problems due to their overall complexity and the amount of work that they do. In order to minimize the impact that problems with a business's copier can have, it is important to be aware of the issues that are most commonly encountered.

Jammed Paper

A paper jam can render the copier completely inoperable. In addition to leading to a temporary jam of the copier, this issue can also cause serious mechanical damage to the machine. For this reason, you should always be extremely careful when you are removing a paper jam from the copier; otherwise, you could inadvertently cause serious damage to it. If your copier is regularly experiencing paper jams, it could indicate that there is an alignment issue with the paper feeder or the other components that will be responsible for guiding a piece of paper through the copier. In most instances, a professional servicing of the unit will allow for these alignment issues to be corrected so that the system's performance can be restored.

Decreasing Print Quality

Depending on the type of documents that your office copier will be producing, the quality of the image can be extremely important. Unfortunately, regular usage can gradually lead to a decrease in the copier's image quality. Worn or extremely dirty print heads can be one of the more common causes for this type of problem. Luckily, hiring a professional office copier service provider to clean or replace these worn print heads will be a repair that can quickly restore your copier's image quality. You may be able to help minimize the need for repairs by taking extra steps to remove dirt and dust from the copier, as this will reduce the amount that makes it inside the unit where it can get on the print heads.

Toner Leaks

In order to function, your copier will need large amounts of toner. Unfortunately, the drums that hold the toner can be prone to developing leaks that allow large amounts of the toner to spill out into the interior of the copier. When this occurs, you can rapidly deplete your toner supply while also potentially causing extensive damage to the copier, as large amounts of toner can compromise the electronic components. If you notice that your copier has developed a toner leak, you should immediately remove the leaking toner drum and contact a copy repair provider as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may find that you will need to completely replace the copier.


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