Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Having Problems Keeping Employees? Maybe It's You And Not Them!

Jon Sanchez

Employee retention rates in your company seem to be really low. You could blame it on the employees hired, the job market, or the competition, but what if the problem is actually (ahem!) you? No boss likes to think that the problems he/she has with employees have anything to do with themselves, but quite often, it does. (Do not believe it? Watch any episode of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares where he asks the staff what the problem is with the restaurant, and you will see most of the staff answering that their boss is the problem!)

So, if the problem is you, how do you find out? How do you fix this problem? Those answers, and more, follow. 

Hire a Business Leadership Coach and Consultant

This professional starts by privately surveying all existing employees anonymously. Then the consultant reviews the answers and tallies up the number of times employees mention that their boss (you!) is a major problem. The consultant will also ask what makes the boss such a problem to work for and then analyzes the responses. Then the consultant will watch you work for several days to see if those issues mentioned in the survey responses hold any water. If they do, the consultant makes note of the problems to work on with you later. 

Meet and Discuss Noted Issues With Your Leadership

Next, this consultant will switch gears to become your leadership coach. He/she sits down with you to examine the points and problems that others have noticed and which the coach/consultant confirmed through his/her days of observation. You may be aware of some of these issues, or none of these issues. If you want to make changes so that you keep more of your employees and not have to constantly hire new ones, your coach will draw up a plan of action for you to follow. 

Your Coaching/Action Plan

This plan is different for every client. Maybe you have problems communicating effectively with your employees, in which case the coach will run several communication scenarios with you for practice. When a real-life situation comes up, your coach will help you figure out how to word things and how to deliver the communication in a way that is clear for the employee(s) to understand and accept. Maybe you have a problem with time management. Then the coach will help you organize your work time into time slots and set timer apps to keep you focused and on track. Whatever the issues, the coach will create a way for you to correct the issue and turn it into a good boss habit. 

To learn more, contact your local business leadership coaching service. 


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Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

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