Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Suggestions For Having A Stress-Free Moving Day

Jon Sanchez

Moving requires a lot of preparation, and you may not give much thought to the actual moving day since most of the work is done by the movers. However, there are plenty of things you'll need to do to make moving day an easy one for the movers and your family. Here are some suggestions.

Think About Moving Day Ahead Of Time

When you have an in-home estimate for the cost of your move, the company looks over all of your things to figure out what to charge. That's a good time to ask about how moving day will work and what things the movers will do. You'll also want to ask about large items, such as a big sofa that you're worried about fitting through a doorway. The company can let you know what furniture has to be dismantled and if you should do it or if the movers can for an additional price. You may also want to ask about how to prepare your appliances so they are clean, dry, and ready to roll onto the moving truck. That way, you won't have last-minute snags when it comes to moving large items out of your house.

Send Your Kids And Pets Elsewhere For The Day

On moving day, the door to your home will be left open for a long time. You don't want to constantly chase after dogs and kids, so consider sending them away for the day. Maybe they can spend one last day with their grandparents before moving, or maybe they can spend the day at the new house with a sitter if you're doing a local move.

Color Code Or Mark All The Boxes

Color coding boxes makes it easier for the movers to unload the truck and put boxes in rooms where they need to go. Boxes may get mixed up during the loading process so the weight is distributed properly and so your items all fit without being damaged. Having an easy way to identify what goes where will speed up the unloading process and make sorting things out easier for you. Also, use sturdy moving boxes, and make sure they are not overfilled so the tops are flat. Boxes need to stack on top of each other so they're stable and take up as little room as possible.

Have Everything Ready To Go

You should be ready for moving day on the day before. Have all your appliances dry and ready to load on the truck and everything packed up in your house. Your movers may disassemble some things, and they can even pack for you if you pay for the service. However, if you're responsible for all the packing and disassembling, have everything done by the night before so when the movers arrive, they can start loading the truck.


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