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Keep Your Spa Laundry Clean with OPL Commercial Washing Machines

If you're planning to open a spa and offer various treatments and exercise classes, then you'll need to install commercial laundry equipment. OPL (on-premise laundry) washers should be commercial machines made to run several loads daily and last a long time. Plus, you also want them to be energy efficient. Here are some considerations when buying OPL commercial washing machines.

Determine How Many Washers You Need

It may be difficult to know in advance of your opening how many washing machines you'll need. However, you want an accurate estimate since the plumbing needs to be in place for the washers. You may want to start with a single washer and dryer and add more if necessary. You'll probably wash several loads of towels and robes daily, and since these are often heavy, you may need to do smaller loads, especially if they are white so you can keep them spotlessly clean. While you can run several loads of laundry over the course of the day, you may not want your staff to constantly tend the machines. Having more than one could be a good choice for a busy spa setting.

Decide on the Size & Style

Just like home washers, OPL commercial washers come in front loading and top loading styles. Top-load washers are great for smaller loads and front-load washers are good for large loads. You can buy them in different capacities in case you want to wash a large load of sheets and towels at once. If you want to wash fewer loads of laundry each day, then buying a front-load machine with a large capacity could be ideal since you can load it up, program it, and save time over washing the same amount of clothes in a smaller machine that would take multiple cycles to get the job done.

Choose Quality Washing Machines

Quality is important when it comes to commercial washing machines. You want the machines to work all day if needed, but you also want the machines to be powerful and efficient. For instance, machines with a powerful drive system wash clothes more thoroughly so your towels and robes get cleaner. Plus, the washers have a strong spin action that gets the clothes drier so the clothes drying cycle is shorter.

OPL washing machines operate like home machines in that they are not coin-operated, but besides that, they are heavy-duty washers just like those found in a commercial laundry. You probably don't want residential washers in a spa. Instead, buy new OPL washers that stand up to a lot of wear and that come with features that allow you to program them for customizable loads if that's what you need.

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