Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Why Your Office Needs a Medical Phone Call Answering Service

Jon Sanchez

If your medical office is like most, it gets lots of calls after hours. Fortunately, you don't have to ignore those calls and lose the trust of your patients, nor do you have to have someone at the office at all times to answer the phone. Instead, you can leave the call-answering up to a medical phone call answering service. There are a great many advantages to hiring one of these services, which is why your business needs to get one for itself immediately.

Pay Only When Calls Come In

If you were to hire someone to sit in your office at all times and man the phones, you'd end up paying quite a bit. Even when that person wasn't answering calls, you'd still be paying for their time, which would really add up fast.

With most answering services, however, you don't pay for all the downtime in between. You often pay by the call or by the time spent on calls, which are answered remotely, not by someone you have to pay to be at your office at all times. In this way, you can save a lot of money and do business in a simpler, more practical way.

Never Miss a Call

Another downside to hiring just one person to handle your calls is that no one person can do everything. Thus, with just a receptionist taking care of the phones, some calls are sure to get missed, which can cause you to lose both current and prospective clients.

However, answering services always have plenty of operators on hand. So, if one is busy on one line with a call to your office, someone else can handle any other calls that come in. This helps you to maintain client relationships, build trust, and develop a positive reputation within your industry.

Access Call Records as Needed

One final benefit to hiring a medical answering service is that they'll maintain clear records of all of the calls that come in for your office, including what was said and what information was provided.

These records can protect you from liability and other issues. Plus, they serve as good demographic and statistical information and can be helpful in terms of marketing and research. And, best of all, your employees don't have to spend their time on these records. Your answering service will create them for you.

In all of these ways, a phone answering service is a great asset for medical professionals. So, if you haven't hired one yet, now is the time.


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