Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

3 Uses For Photobiomodulation Therapy

Jon Sanchez

Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy is a form of low-light treatment that has the potential to be used in several medical applications. When you want an alternative or complimentary treatment for various medical conditions, PMB might be the right choice.

Diminish Skin Concerns

PBM, or red-light therapy, is one of two forms of light treatment that can be used for skin conditions. Whereas blue-light treatments are used to address acne problems, PBM can be helpful in addressing problems with skin texture, tone, and inflammation. PBM is believed to help stimulate collagen production, which can help firm the skin. As more collagen forms, lines and wrinkles may become less noticeable. This form of light therapy also has wound healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Promoting the faster turnover of skin cells can help decrease scars and discoloration. As an anti-inflammatory, PBM can be useful for reducing redness associated with several skin conditions, such as rosacea.

Improved Wound Healing

Although the improvements in wound healing can be helpful for cosmetic reasons, this benefit can be extended to severe conditions. For example, PBM may be used as a treatment for skin ulcers that are unlikely to heal normally. People with diabetes or other chronic illnesses that affect wound healing have an increased risk of infection and amputation from even simple abrasions. PBM can be used to recruit more of the body's natural healing mechanisms to the site of injury, thereby reducing healing time. Other people that may be especially vulnerable to slow-healing wounds are people undergoing radiation therapy for cancer. Sometimes radiation treatments can cause skin irritation, and if a patient is also taking chemotherapy, their risk of infection is substantially higher because of their lowered immune system.

Regrow Hair

PBM is also used as an option to stop hair loss and potentially regrow hair. There are several reasons hair loss may occur, such as autoimmune diseases, changes in hormones, or damage to the follicle from traction. The use of PBM increases blood circulation to the scalp, which may help stimulate hair growth. Most of the research involving PBM for the regrowth of hair has involved androgenic alopecia, which is male-patterned baldness. Since the results are promising for this type of hair loss, it may be applicable to other types. There are no concerns about side effects from using PBM, making it an ideal treatment for anyone to try regardless of the underlying cause of hair loss.

Photobiomodulation light therapy is increasing in popularity because it has several potential benefits. Since PBM can be used with any other treatment, it is the ideal supplemental or adjunctive treatment for several medical conditions.


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