Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

How To Slash Expenses For Running Your Company's Servers

Jon Sanchez

If your company is involved in an industry that requires computer servers, then you might be concerned about how much your company is spending on running those servers. You could be hoping that there are ways that you can slash expenses. Some of the ways that you might be able to do so while still running the necessary servers for your company are listed here.

Make Sure You're Keeping Track of Related Costs

First of all, you cannot be aware of whether or not you are spending more than necessary for running your company's servers if you do not know how much your company is spending. Because of this, it is important to keep track of all sorts of expenses, including purchasing new server-related equipment and paying IT employees to keep your servers up and running. By simply taking a look at what your business is spending on these things, you might immediately spot ways that you can reduce these operating costs without even making major changes, such as by replacing outdated servers or reducing the number of IT employees that you have on your payroll. Otherwise, you can use this information to look into bigger and more in-depth ways of reducing costs.

Use a Total-Cost-of-Ownership Calculator

Truly calculating how much you are spending on your company's servers can be complicated. There are total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) calculators that can be used—many of them for free—so that you can get more accurate numbers without having to do all of the math yourself. Try making use of a couple of these TCO calculators to get a better idea of how much is being spent on running your company's servers and to compare pricing for other options.

Be Aware of Your Alternatives

You can not really determine if you are using the best and most cost-effective method of running your company's servers and related equipment if you do not know what all of your options are. It pays to do a little bit of research about different options, such as running your servers from in-house, using an off-site server, or using a separate company to handle your servers for you completely. It does take time, but by being aware of all of your alternatives and their pros and cons, you can determine if there is a better and more financially sensible option that you can use when running the servers for your own company.


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