Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Keep Your Restaurant Food Safe With These Tips

Jon Sanchez

Food safety is of the utmost importance when you're running a restaurant. Your guests trust you to prepare their food with care so that they can enjoy it without getting sick. It's always a good idea to brush up on your food safety knowledge. Here are four ways you can make your restaurant safer.

1. Have your employees take a food handling class

It's most important for your cooks to take a food handling class, but all your employees can benefit. Everyone who works in a restaurant will come into contact with food at some point, and it's vital that they know how to do so safely. A food handling class will train your employees in the proper techniques for storing, preparing, and cooking food. Even experienced cooks can benefit from a refresher course. Consider making a food handling class mandatory.

2. Enforce glove use.

People who prepare food are not legally obligated to wear gloves in all fifty states. However, proper glove use can make your food safer for customers. Enforce glove use in your restaurant's kitchen and make sure your cooks use them correctly. They should wash and dry their hands thoroughly before putting on gloves. Gloves should be changed regularly. They should also be changed after coming into contact with raw meat or any other potentially hazardous materials.

3. Log the temperature of your cold storage.

When food is stored improperly, it can develop bacteria that can make people sick. It's important that your refrigerator and freezer are at the appropriate temperatures to inhibit pathogenic growth. Cold storage can malfunction occasionally, and you may not realize it until it's too late. Logging the temperatures throughout the day can help you avoid a disaster. Instead of having an employee log the temperature manually, take advantage of electronic temperature loggers from companies like Data Loggers Solutions. These devices take readings from inside your cold storage, which you can access whenever necessary.

4. Don't allow employees to eat while working.

Kitchens can be very busy, and your kitchen staff may be tempted to work through their lunch breaks, eating while they continue to prepare food. While this may seem like a good idea on the surface, eating while preparing food can transfer bacteria and germs. Make sure your employees only eat during their breaks in a designated location. This will prevent germs from spreading. It will also make their meal breaks more pleasant and relaxing.


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