Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Similarities And Differences Between Ancient And Modern Architecture

Jon Sanchez

In some ways, modern architecture is the same as architecture has always been. However, in other ways, modern architecture is radically different. If you are looking for inspiration for the architecture of your building, it's important to know where the practice of architecture came from and where it is today. 

Proportion Is Just as Important as Ever

One of the fundamental thinkers in the area of modern architecture is Plato, who came up with the concept of proportion. Several other figures expanded on this notion, with one of the more famous thinkers being Leonardo da Vinci. He created the Canon of Proportion based on the human scale. The concepts of proportion have always been an important part of architecture because buildings that are more proportionate are more aesthetically pleasing and stable.

The Type of Building Materials Used Has Changed Drastically

While many of the fundamentals of architecture have remained the same, others have changed drastically. For example, there are many building materials that weren't even available in the past, but are now among the most common materials used in construction. The earliest buildings were almost always constructed using stone. Later buildings were constructed with wood, brick and glass as they became available. However, the skyscrapers that exist today would have been impossible to imagine without steel beams and concrete. 

Modern Buildings are More Minimalist

In addition to using different materials, modern architecture uses a different style. For example, the goal of modern architecture is to be minimalist, while older forms of architecture were often more ornate and designed to serve as a source of inspiration. Modern architecture also can seen cold and stark, but the use of dark woods and marble can give a building more warmth while looking modern.

Building Trends Change

There are some aspects of architecture that have simply been removed because they have gone out of fashion. For example, buildings used to have parlors where guests would be greeted, but they were eventually phased out of modern architecture. 

Vertical Space Is More Important

There has been an overall trend away from horizontal space and toward vertical space. In the past, when the world was less populated, buildings would sometimes sprawl for long distances because it was easier to build a wide building than it was to build a tall building. However, space considerations have lead to modern architecture building taller buildings to take more advantage of vertical space. 

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