Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Why It's Important To For A Catering Truck To Have Roof Panels That Open

Jon Sanchez

When you're dealing with a catering truck manufacturer to find a truck that you'll buy and begin to use for your business, carefully going over each feature that every style of truck offers will ensure that you buy the right model. While you'll be paying attention to the size and amenities of each truck, don't forget to take a look overhead and check whether the truck has roof panels that open. Although some catering trucks have a solid roof, many have panels that you can open — and this feature is one that should catch your eye. Here are some reasons that these roof panels will be important.

Heat Loss

The interior of a catering truck can be a hot place to work, and while you might be able to take breaks when you aren't serving customers, a busy business can make it difficult for you to step outside to cool down. Being able to open up the roof panels of the truck can be highly appealing. The heat that you're generating with your various cooking elements will escape the space through the roof, which can immediately make it more of a pleasant environment in which to work. This will especially be important if you have several people working in close quarters in the truck.

Fresh Air

Opening up the roof panels on your catering truck will also allow fresh air to flow into the space. Even if the air outside isn't significantly cooler than the air inside of the truck on a given day, the infusion of fresh air will be a relief. Many types of cooking involve strong scents, including some that may irritate your eyes or even your lungs. For example, if you're working with spicy chicken wings, the combination of the heat and vinegar from the sauce can make breathing unpleasant. These odors can escape through the roof panels to help you breathe more easily.

More Space

While it's technically true that opening the roof panels of your catering truck doesn't create more space, it certainly gives you that illusion. Catering trucks can sometimes feel cramped, especially if you have several people working in them and you have supplies stored in multiple areas around you. It can be a visual relief to open the roof panels and see the sky above you, making you feel much less claustrophobic while you prepare the food for your hungry customers.


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