Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

3 Household Appliances That Benefit From A Water Softener

Jon Sanchez

Household appliances are expensive, so you want them to last as long as possible. If your home has hard water, your appliances may have a shorter lifespan than if you have a water softener installed to eliminate problems with excess minerals in your water. Here's a look at how hard water can harm three of the major appliances in your home.

1. Sediment From Hard Water Builds In The Water Heater

If you have hard water, you've probably noticed the scaly film it leaves behind on glasses. This film coats everything the water touches, and the coating builds up over time. This can cause problems inside your water heater. The sediment gradually gets so thick that it interferes with the burners that try to heat your water. You may notice popping noises, or you may run out of hot water too fast.

You'll have to flush out your water heater regularly to get rid of the sediment, but you can install a water softener too and reduce the minerals in the water so sediment is less of a problem. As an added benefit, your hot water feels softer when you shower since the water won't leave mineral deposits behind on your skin.

2. Hard Water Leaves Scale On Your Dishwasher

If you have hard water, you need to use products in your dishwasher to make the water softer or your glasses and dishes will have a film on them even though they're clean. This film also builds up inside the dishwasher. This can cause etching of the metal parts and clogging.

Your dishwasher may need more frequent repairs and its life may be reduced due to the excess minerals in hard water. Installing a water softener keeps scale buildup out of the dishwasher and it also helps your dishes come out clear and sparkling clean.

3. Hard Water Can Damage Washing Machine Parts

Hard water is bad for clothes washers too. Scale can build up on the pump, tub, and other parts of the machine and cause it to malfunction. Something as simple as hard water could cause your washer to break down if you don't clean off the scale regularly.

Instead of cleaning your washer so often, you can install a water softener and remove the minerals before they enter the machine. As an added benefit, soft water helps laundry detergent be more effective and the water leaves no film on clothing, so you may notice your clothes are cleaner and softer after you've had a water softener put in. 


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