Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

How Can You Get The Most From Your Old Junk Car?

Jon Sanchez

While selling a vehicle for scrap has many advantages, the one potential downside is that you usually have less room to negotiate. Most scrap buyers want your car to break down for parts and materials, and that means that there's less wiggle room in the value. While the convenience of junking a car more than makes up for this slight disadvantage, it never hurts to earn a few more dollars.

Fortunately, you aren't entirely out in the cold when it comes to getting the best price for your old clunker. Check out these three tips to maximize your return, even if your car is more rust than metal.

1. Be Honest About The Condition

One of the best parts about selling your car to a scrapper is how streamlined the process can be. In most cases, you'll make arrangements on the phone and receive your check on the day the scrapyard hauls your car away. Since the yard is buying your car without seeing it, providing an accurate description by phone is crucial.

Keep in mind that junkyards won't care about blemishes or damage. In most cases, being honest means informing the yard about missing parts, whether or not the car can move under its own power, and any complications that might make towing difficult. Leaving out these critical details can affect your offer when the tow truck arrives.

2. Make Towing Easy

The yard will send either a flatbed or a wheel-lift truck to transport your vehicle. The type of truck that they choose will depend on how you've described the car's condition, which is part of why being honest is so essential. Additionally, the driver will need to be able to reach your vehicle and load it onto their truck.

To make this process easier, clear any obstructions, and ensure that your old car is as accessible as possible. If the car is on blocks or cannot roll, warn the yard before they arrive. Junkyards often offer free pick-up for vehicles that they are buying, but you may end up paying for your tow if the driver's job becomes too difficult.

3. Grab A Few Parts

If your car is in running condition, then it's best to leave it as-is so that you can get the best price from the junkyard. If not, then consider pulling a few easily accessible parts. You can usually remove interior door trim, sensors, or electronic components with only basic hand tools. Be sure to let the yard know that you removed a few parts, but in most cases, it shouldn't significantly affect their offer.

Ultimately, getting the most from a junk car is all about ensuring that there are no unexpected hiccups during the sales process. By making things as easy as possible for the yard when you sell junk cars, you'll ensure that you receive the value you expect when the tow truck comes to take your car away.


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