Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Times When Hydrovac Excavation Is A Better Option Than Traditional Methods

Jon Sanchez

When you need excavation service to remove the soil around a structure like a pipe or other utilities, but the structure is fragile, you may not want to have a large excavator digging around it. Hydrovac services can remove the soil with farm less danger of damaging whatever they are unearthing for you and with far less damage to the area around the excavation site.

How Hydrovac Works

A hydrovac services truck looks a lot like a large tank truck with a boom attached to it. The truck is equipped with a large vacuum system and a water pump that work together to excavate the soil you need to be removed. 

Water is pumped into the ground with some pressure and dislodges the soil. The vacuum is then used to pull the water and the soil out of the ground and into a large storage tank on the truck. This system puts less strain on the surrounding soil, and since the truck has a boom on it, the operator may even be able to work from the road edge and not drive on the ground around the excavation.

A  hydrovac service can remove the soil in the area for you more quickly than a large excavator, especially for smaller jobs, and the process is far less destructive.

Water Concerns

Some clients may be concerned about pumping water into the ground during the hydrovac process, but the water used to loosen the soil is pulled back out with the earth by the vacuum system. If you are excavating wet ground, the system may actually leave you with more stable soil than digging in the mud with a large machine will. 

While it will not mitigate water from an underground stream or spring, hydrovac services can be a better option for a broken water pipe that is spewing water into the soil around it. Once the water is off and the excavation begins, the vacuum system will pull a lot of the residual water out with the ground and make it easier for people working in the hole. 

Debris Removal

Once the soil and debris are out of the ground, it will sit in the tank on the hydrovac truck. Some hydrovac services run tanks as large as three thousand gallons, and they can continue working until the tank is full. If you are planning to reuse the soil, the truck can be emptied on the property so that the solid can dry out and be put back in later. If you do not want to reuse the soil, most companies can remove the debris from the site and dispose of it for you. 

For more information about hydrovac services, contact a local excavation company.


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