Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Fire Extinguisher Service Myths

Jon Sanchez

If a fire were to occur in your building, the availability of working fire extinguishers could be vital for quickly putting out or containing the fire. Unfortunately, there can be instances where a fire extinguisher may not work correctly, so individuals will need to ensure that they are taking steps to keep their fire extinguishers in working condition.

Myth: Only Large Commercial Buildings Will Need To Have Fire Extinguisher Inspections Done

As part of commercial building and fire safety codes, it is often required for these facilities to have fire extinguishers placed throughout the structure. Furthermore, these facilities will need to keep these devices serviced so that they will be in working condition if a fire were to start. However, this should not lead individuals to assume that residential properties could not benefit from these services as well. In fact, many homeowners don't keep their fire extinguishers serviced and inspected. Luckily, fire extinguisher inspection services are perfectly capable of serving the more modest needs of residential properties as well as the expansive needs of large commercial structures.

Myth: Pressure Issues Are The Only Reason To Have Fire Extinguishers Inspected And Serviced

Problems with a fire extinguisher's pressure levels are among the most obvious and serious problems that a unit can encounter. As a result, these devices will have a pressure gauge on them that will allow you to easily check it. While this is a significant problem for these units, it is not the only issue they can experience. For example, it is possible for the handle of the fire extinguisher to also suffer damage or problems that could prevent it from working correctly. Corrosion and substantial dust accumulations can both be examples of these types of problems. Regular inspections will allow these issues to be found so that you can avoid encountering fire extinguisher handle failure when you are faced with rapidly growing flames.

Myth: A Fire Extinguisher That Is Suffering From Low Pressure Will Have To Be Replaced

Low pressure is one of the most common issues that a fire extinguisher will encounter. This is normal as the pressure in the unit will gradually decrease over the years. If your fire extinguisher has developed low pressure, it may be possible to avoid having to replace it. As long as the unit has avoided substantial exterior damage, it may be possible for a contractor to re-pressurize the unit. This will allow you to ensure that it has enough pressure to spray its foam at a high velocity.

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