Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

3 Characteristics To Look For When Buying Toilet Drops

Jon Sanchez

It doesn't matter how elegant or sophisticated a person may be, everyone poops. It's not unusual for a bathroom to maintain a certain odor long after a bowel movement has been flushed. For shared bathroom spaces, these odors can become a real problem.

Toilet drops can provide a simple and safe way to eliminate odors. Look for the following characteristics when shopping for these unique drops so that you can make your bathroom a more inviting place.

1. Natural Fragrances

Toilet drops are typically formulated with a pleasant fragrance to help combat any lingering odors that might waft from your toilet. It's important that you select a toilet drop product that contains natural fragrances as opposed to synthetic ones if you want a soft and subtle scent.

Synthetic fragrances can be overpowering, and many have a distinctly chemical element that many people find unpleasant. Look for toilet drops that are scented with essential oils instead. Essential oils are fragrant, but they don't leave any unpalatable chemical traces behind.

2. Thick Consistency

The thickness of a toilet drop's formula will play a major role in determining how effective the drops are at keeping odors in your bathroom to a minimum.

Toilet drops prevent odors by creating a thin film across the top of the toilet water. You add a few drops to the bowl before you go, and any odors released by the fecal matter are trapped firmly beneath the protective film.

The thick consistency is needed to maintain a strong and effective film barrier. Don't invest in toilet drops that are too watery, as these will not be able to create a film that can withstand the impact of a bowel movement.

3. Easy Application

You want your toilet drops to be simple to use. The type of application can affect how convenient it is to use the toilet drops on a regular basis. Toilet drops can be applied using a metered dropper. Some products can also be sprayed into the toilet bowl.

Droppers and spray bottles are the most effective applications because they help control the amount of product that you dispense during each use. If you have to pour the drops directly into the toilet, you may end up pouring too much or spilling the drops onto your clothing.

Select a product that offers easy application so that you can conveniently utilize your toilet drops each time you take a trip to the bathroom.


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