Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Need Accounting Workers? 5 Reasons The Independence Of Staffing Agencies Helps

Jon Sanchez

Do you need accounting or bookkeeping help in your small business? Rather than add a new person to your company payroll, it may be time to turn to a staffing agency. While staffing agency services provide many benefits for their clients, the fact that your new accountant or bookkeeper isn't actually on your payroll provides some unique perks. What are these? Here are a few things to consider. 

1. They Aren't Beholden to You. When you bring in a temporary worker through an agency, they don't actually work for you. They work for their agency and you are a client. So they maintain an independence that other employees don't have.

2. They've Been Vetted. Staffing agencies do the work of finding candidates and vetting them. This means they've done things like background checks, skills testing, and reference checks. And when you use a staffing agency that specializes in accounting work, they also know what to look for in candidates for this specific field — usually a lot better than the ordinary business owner. 

3. They're Separate from Employees. While temporary and contract workers fit into client companies and will comfortably interact with your own employees, they aren't quite the same. This relative separation between payroll and non-payroll workers is good for you. It means that the accounting employee is more likely to speak up if they suspect fraud and less likely to let employees slip things under the radar. 

4. You Aren't as Invested. Hiring an employee is an expensive business. But when you let the staffing agency find your new hire, they spend the money to find, vet, and hire people. So you can approach the new employment relationship without feeling that you're stuck with whomever you put all that money and work into hiring. If they don't work out, you both can walk away. 

5. They've Worked Elsewhere. Fresh perspectives, new skills, and outside experience improve your company's practices. But the longer someone works within one company or in one position, the less they can help innovate and experiment with new ways. Temporary workers have often worked in many different environments and industries, and they may have held a variety of jobs. You get to benefit from their broad range. 

Where to Start

Could an accounting or bookkeeping temporary worker be the best solution to your needs? Find out by meeting with an accounting staffing service in your area today.  


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