Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Understanding and Applying Important Business Principles

Employment Assistance Options When Searching For Work

Jon Sanchez

It is never easy to find work. People often feel overwhelmed when they are looking for a new job. The process of applying for work and interviewing can be exhausting. However, it's something that needs to be handled. 

Luckily, there are multiple options available for people who are seeking employment assistance. Some of these options are government programs that can help even those with no work experience. Other employment assistance options are more appropriate for people in the middle of career changes.

Below is a review of some of the options that are out there and a brief guide on how to best use them to find work.

Government-Funded Employment Programs

There are many different government-funded programs designed to aid job seekers. Some of these, such as Job Corps, are specially designed for those individuals who have no work experience. While some of these programs have income restrictions, others have an open enrollment system.

Participants in government-funded employment programs often are taught a skill that they can use to get a job. The advantage of these programs is the robust network of career counselors who will help with job placement.

Staffing Agencies

Individuals who are in the middle of a career change often turn to staffing agencies. These are great places if you want to pivot career paths but are not sure of how to approach the process.

Staffing agencies are able to find people temporary work in many fields, which can help with the process of moving industries.

Even if someone is not seeking a career switch, a staffing agency can help find work. The upside to working with a staffing agency is that they have a large roster of clients. This improves your chances of being hired when compared to applying to a single company.

Applying Directly to Company Job Portals

It is important to understand that most companies have an official job page on their company website. This is yet another avenue to explore when searching for work. Some companies do not use staffing agencies and instead only post their open jobs publicly on the company website.

If you are interested in working for a particular company in your area, the best approach would be to check their job listings on their website. If you see a job posting on their website, follow the exact instructions on how to submit a resume and request an interview. Often these job sites use automated screening systems to process applications, so it is important to use them exactly as instructed.

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